Abby Millager


Kiddie Lit


 The Power of Dancing Feet                     a picture book


Keneesha got a package in the mail. Then she called her friend.


“Lacy! Guess what? My grandma sent me a huge box of sidewalk chalk. Wanna come over?”


It was hard to know what to draw first. The gleaming chalk felt roly-poly in their hands.


“Let’s have tea!” Lacy said.


So they drew cups and saucers. Then they drew a teapot. And a plate of cookies. Then they doodled flowers all over the tablecloth.


“That was good,” said Keneesha. “Now what?”


“I’m really hot,” said Lacy.


“I know! Let’s make a swimming pool!”


So they drew some waves for water. They added in a ladder and a slide. Then they drew a diving board and pretended to dive in.


Keneesha added fish.


“Fish don’t go in there,” Lacy said. But then she added frogs. And a snake.


Keneesha made a fountain squirting up to the sky. It started out blue, but it ended up more like a rainbow. It filled the whole pool.


“I know!” said Lacy, looking for a new place to draw. “Let’s make a zoo!”


So they started making animals. Each sidewalk section was a cage. 


Lacy drew a camel.


Keneesha made a tiger and a bear.


Lacy drew a pot bellied pig and a pair of flamingos.


Keneesha’s giraffe wound up sticking its neck into Lacy’s camel cage, but Lacy didn’t mind. 


She was just putting the last few bars on her monkey cage when her dad called.


“Lacy, it’s time to come home.”


Lacy said goodbye and scampered off to have dinner.


Keneesha stood for a moment, looking over all their hard work. 


“It’s about time to come in, Keneesha,” her mother called through the screen door.


“Okay,” Keneesha said. “I just have to do something.”


Carefully she stepped into each cage, and did a little dance. Her shuffling feet rubbed big gaps in the bars.  


She smiled and blew the animals a kiss. 


“I’m coming!” she yelled, and dashed inside for supper.











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